Assistant Professor
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Cornell University

Research interests
How can we interact with physical systems, in particular robots, at a high level? How can we formalize high level goals in a user friendly way? How can we automatically create controllers for such systems and how can we guarantee these systems will behave correctly?

To address these challenges, my research builds on ideas and techniques from different disciplines such as control, hybrid systems, logic, verification, model checking, planning and computational linguistics.

More Info
- Co-director of the Autonomous Systems Lab
- CV
- Publications
- Member of the ME, AE and CS graduate fields
- Robotics at Cornell
- My name is pronounced `haDAS kress-gaZEET'

- CAREER: Formal Methods for Robotics and Automation (NSF)
- Expeditions in Computer Augmented Program Engineering (EXCAPE): Harnessing Synthesis for Software Design (NSF, abstract)
- Tightly Integrated Perception and Planning in Intelligent Robotics (NSF)
- Situation Understanding Bot Through Language and Environment (MURI SUBTLE - ARO)
- Simulator and sensors for the iRobot Create: Enhancing MAE and CS courses that span freshmen to graduate students (The MathWorks)

Group Memebers
- Matt Blair (PhD student - ME)
- Jon DeCastro (PhD student - AE)
- Cameron Finucane (Research Staff)
- Jim Jing (PhD student - ME)
- Ben Johnson (PhD student - ME)
- Spyros Maniatopoulos (PhD student - ME)
- Vasu Raman (PhD student - CS)
- Catherine Wong (Research Staff)

- Sebastian Castro (MS student - ME)
- Bingxin Xu (MS student - ME)
- Shahar Sarid (Postdoc)

- Linear Temporal Logic MissiOn Planner (LTLMoP): A Python-based toolbox used for controlling real and simulated robots using structure English sentences
- MATLAB-based simulator for the iRobot Create

- Formal Methods for Robotics and Automation (ICRA '09, ICRA '10, CAV '11)

Teaching and Outreach
- Spring '13 - MAE 4180/5180 CS 3758 Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Spring '12 - MAE 4180/5180 CS 3758 Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Fall '11 - MAE 6740 Hybrid systems
- Spring '11 - MAE 4180/5180 Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Fall '10 - MAE 3780 Mechatronics
- Summer '10 - CURIE academy project
- Spring '10 - MAE 4180/5180 Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Spring '09 - MAE 6740 Hybrid systems
(607) 255-1592
210 Upson Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853



April '12 Paper accepted to Robotics: Science and Systems

April '12 New project - NSF expeditions in computing.

January '12 Two papers, a video and an invited session accepted to ICRA 2012!

November '11 Article about my research in the Cornell Chronicle.

July '11 Presentation slides for the CAV '11 workshop "Formal Methods For Robotics and Automation",Are available.





Hadas Kress-Gazit
Last Updated January 21, 2013