iRobot Create


The iRobot Create simulator is a MATLAB toolbox designed to visualize the robot's movement in different environments. The user can control the robot manually, or by writing a program for autonomous behavior.
The simulator is designed to accept autonomous programs written using the MATLAB Toolbox for the iRobot Create (by Esposito and Barton), thus allowing for seamless transitions between simulation and physical execution. Download Toolbox




Toolbox Features



Visualize the movement of the Create in a predefined map. Simulate data gathered by the Create sensors, as well as sonar, LIDAR, camera (beacons), and overhead localization. Visualize the sensors' range and output in real-time on the map. Control the Create using arrow keys to drive, or load an autonomous program to test its functionality.



Design an environment for the robot to move about in. Use walls as obstacles, place lines on the ground, specify colorful beacons for the camera to detect, and set up iRobot Virtual Walls.



Model noise on the sensors based on real-world measured values. Add a communication delay to the autonomous commands to model control over Bluetooth or a wireless network.



Play back a successful autonomous navigation for a demonstration, or use the data output from all sensor and command functions to debug the autonomous code.


Authors: Cameron Salzberger, K-Y Daisy Fan and Hadas Kress-Gazit


This project was supported by an Academic Support Award from the MathWorks


User Guide: This document describes all simulator functionalities, without delving into the code behind them.

Code Documentation: This document is intended for more advanced users of MATLAB who wish to learn about the structure and algorithms of the code, or to modify the simulator to fit their specific needs.

License: This software and documentation is licensed under the open-source FreeBSD license.

Code and documentation can be found on the SourceForge page.

Educational Use

Cornell Engineering MAE 4180/5180 Cornell University - Autonomous Mobile Robots
Cornell Engineering CS 1112 Cornell University - Introduction to MATLAB

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