Accomplishing high-level tasks with modular robots

TitleAccomplishing high-level tasks with modular robots
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJing, G, Tosun, T, Yim, M, Kress-Gazit, H
JournalAutonomous Robots
Date PublishedOct

The advantage of modular self-reconfigurable robot systems is their flexibility, but this advantage can only be realized if appropriate configurations (shapes) and behaviors (controlling programs) can be selected for a given task. In this paper, we present an integrated system for addressing high-level tasks with modular robots, and demonstrate that it is capable of accomplishing challenging, multi-part tasks in hardware experiments. The system consists of four tightly integrated components: (1) a high-level mission planner, (2) a large design library spanning a wide set of functionality, (3) a design and simulation tool for populating the library with new configurations and behaviors, and (4) modular robot hardware. This paper builds on earlier work by Jing et al. (in: Robotics: science and systems, 2016), extending the original system to include environmentally adaptive parametric behaviors, which integrate motion planners and feedback controllers with the system.

Citation KeyJing2018