PhD Students

Ph.D. Students

Adam Pacheck

Mechanical Engineering

I am conducting research in verifiable task planning involving composing learned abstractions.


akp84 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Gangyuan (Jim) Jing
Gangyuan (Jim) Jing photo

Mechanical Engineering

Currently working on a joint project with Mod Lab in UPenn on high-level control for modular robot systems.

gj56 {at}

Ji Chen

I am currently working on controller design for swarm robots in continuous level to guarantee safety and correctness of swarm behaviors. 

Jonathan DeCastro

Mechanical Engineering

I am researching automatic controller synthesis for robots described by complex dynamics and its ties to high-level mission planning.

Home Page | jad455 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Kai Weng (Catherine) Wong
Kai Weng (Catherine) Wong

Mechanical Engineering

My current research focuses on dealing with unexpected events during correct-by-construction controller execution and extending it to multi-agent scenarios.

Homepage | kw358 {at}

Scott Hamill

I am currently working on methods for generating gaits and developing controllers for walking soft robots.


sbh92 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Spyros Maniatopoulos
Spyros Maniatopoulos photo

Mechanical Engineering

I am currently working on the DARPA Robotics Challenge as a member of Team ViGIR. My research is on bridging the gap between the theory and practice of synthesis of provably-correct robot control software. | @spmaniato | sm2296 {at}

Thais Campos

Mechanical Engineering



tcd58 {at} cornell {dot} edu