PhD Students

Ph.D. Students

Adam Pacheck

Mechanical Engineering

I am conducting research in verifiable task planning involving composing learned abstractions.


akp84 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Claire Liang

Computer Science

I work in planning with minimal information. My personal website is here.

David Gundana

Mechanical Engineering


dog4 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Guy Scher
Guy Scher

Mechanical Engineering

1st year PhD student



gs679 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Ji Chen

I am currently working on controller design for swarm robots in continuous level to guarantee safety and correctness of swarm behaviors. 

Jijie (Gigi) Zhou

Mechanical Engineering


jz888 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Scott Hamill

I am currently working on methods for generating gaits and developing controllers for walking soft robots.


sbh92 {at} cornell {dot} edu

Thais Campos

Mechanical Engineering

I am currently working on design synthesis of modular robots.


tcd58 {at} cornell {dot} edu