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Conference Proceedings
A. Boteanu, Arkin, J., Patki, S., Howard, T., and Kress-Gazit, H., Robot-Initiated Specification Repair through Grounded Language Interaction, AAAI Fall Symposium 2017, Natural Communication for Human-Robot Collaboration. 2017.
Journal Article
G. Jing, Tosun, T., Yim, M., and Kress-Gazit, H., Accomplishing high-level tasks with modular robots, Autonomous Robots, vol. 42, pp. 1337–1354, 2018.
A. Romay, Maniatopoulos, S., Kohlbrecher, S., Schillinger, P., Stumpf, A., Kress-Gazit, H., von Stryk, O., and Conner, D., Collaborative Autonomy Between High-level Behaviors and Human Supervisors for Remote Manipulation Tasks using Different Humanoid Robots, Journal of Field Robotics (JFR), no. Special Issue on the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, 2016.
J. Daudelin, Jing, G., Tosun, T., Yim, M., Kress-Gazit, H., and Campbell, M., An integrated system for perception-driven autonomy with modular robots, Science Robotics, vol. 3, 2018.
M. Lahijanian, Maly, M. R., Fried, D., Kavraki, L. E., Kress-Gazit, H., and Vardi, M., Iterative Temporal Planning in Uncertain Environments with Partial Satisfaction Guarantees, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 32, pp. 583-599, 2016.
C. Lignos, Raman, V., Finucane, C., Marcus, M., and Kress-Gazit, H., Provably Correct Reactive Control from Natural Language, Auton. Robots, vol. 38, pp. 89–105, 2015.
J. Alonso-Mora, DeCastro, J. A., Raman, V., Rus, D., and Kress-Gazit, H., Reactive mission and motion planning with deadlock resolution avoiding dynamic obstacles, Autonomous Robots, 2017.
H. Kress-Gazit, Lahijanian, M., and Raman, V., Synthesis for Robots: Guarantees and Feedback for Robot Behavior, Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, vol. 1, pp. 211-236, 2018.